Friday, 23 September 2016

Why Is Europe Deliberately Being Destroyed? My Take.

No other question has been bandied about as much during the last year as this: WHY? Why are European leaders (Mainly: Germany's Merkel) letting in a deluge of young unskilled Muslim males - unchecked, unregistered, uncontrolled?

The humanitarian argument didn't cut the mustard anymore when it became clear that most weren't actually from Syria (incidentally: Is shipping people out of the country the best way of dealing with a civil war?) but from Pakistan, India, North Africa and Central Africa - none a warzone. Then there was a spurious attempt to say those people were highly qualified workers and would boost the economy. (Laughable, no counter-argument necessary). Then we had the demographic ruse which is equally absurd: No more Germans? Hey let's take in 3 million Africans, I mean what's the difference! A "bums on seats" argument of the most primtive kind.

Okay, so the official explanations are clearly unsatisfactory. What does the other side have to say?

Having asked that question incessantly for a year, I'm probably familiar with every theory anybody ever had about this - from the banal ("Politicians are just incapable") to wacky ("It's a Zionist plot").
During this year I learned a lot about the New World Order, about the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral Commission and various other arcane subjects.

I also came across some familiar figures from the past, e.g. R. Coudenhove-Kalergi who is high on the list of being responsible for the catastrophe we're now experiencing. Personally, I always found him a fascinating historical figure, well worth a proper biography. I also find his quest for a pan-European movement quite sympathetic. (Also proposed by Hubertus Prinz zu Löwenstein - surely not a suspicious figure). Bearing in mind that Coudenhove-Kalergi was writing in the 1920s where such ideas were common currency, I find it hard to imagine that this highly-cultured man of letters would have advocated an invasion of illiterate brutalised Third Word Muslims into Europe. In fact, I am one hunded percent certain, he would not. He is absolutely the wrong guy to blame for the various idiocies of the Merkel-"plan".

So... this leaves us where?  I think when something is intensely puzzling  and you just stand there open-mouthed wanting to shout "You What???" 20 times, you have to pause, let it all sink in and look for the most likely explanation. Which is why I would exclude the NWO theory. Creating all this mess, in order to provoke a civil war to then beat that down and start again is just too SciFi for me.

The answer (and of course this is only my theory) is much more simple.

A politician with immense power, and a massive chip on their shoulder. Somebody whose first term in office was blighted by set-backs, frustration and constant humiliation. Somebody with a dodgy past they have to conceal all the time. Somebody with a name that isn't real. Somebody with a massive amount of anger. Somebody who is black, has strong Muslim sympathies, and exhibits many gay tendencies. (Nothing wrong with any of those, unless you yourself think they mark you out as a lesser being.)

So - you guessed it, yes, the 44th President of the United States - Barack Obama II. A person whose hatred of all that he is not, is so overwhelming, he needs to destroy what he cannot be or have. Barack decided that after his disastrous first term (and the momentously catastrophic decision of the American people to grant him a second) he would not repeat his mistakes. He started to engage in the Politics of Revenge.

By persuading gullible, slightly off the pace politicians like Angela Merkel who basked in the warm sunshine of his praise, to take in millions of young uneducated Muslims into their own countries, Barry achieved 2 things at once - improving the conditions for the Brothers after all, getting millions of no-hopers out into highly developed European countries where they will be alimented from arrival til death is no mean feat and probably guarantees him a place in the Muslim pantheon. Hail Barry.

Secondly, and more importantly, Barry made sure that he got his own back. Affluence? Destroyed. Peace? Destroyed by civil unrest. Safety? Destroyed by sky-rocketing criminality. Freedom of speech? Eradicated. Whites? Put in their place by fear  and institutionalised black racism. The civil society? Replaced by sectarian hatred.

The humiliation of Mr. Obama, President, engendered the biggest hate crime ever: The unleashing of the Muslim invasion of the West.

Barry, together with your obliging, slightly backward handmaiden Merkel you've achieved so much more than any New World Order fantasy ever could!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Year of Living Dangerously

It is now almost a year that German Chancellor Angela Merkel unilaterally decided to waive the Dublin and Schengen agreements and thereby triggered off the biggest migration flow in the history of modern Europe.

Much has changed since those fateful days in early September 2015. I will concentrate on the changes in ordinary people's lives rather than the big events (Brexit!!) this decision has brought about.
During the long gloomy autumn months that followed that disastrous September, everybody was feeling absolutely stunned. I remember travelling quite a lot and constantly meeting people who looked perplexed and confused asking each other the ever same question "What is happening here?" There was no help coming from politicians - the official reason of "our humanitarian obligation" was quickly transformed into absurdity as migrants from Pakistan, North Africa and India were flooding Germany in ever increasing numbers.

Evenings were getting darker, and as reports of soaring crime became daily news, going out by yourself after dark seemed a distant memory. Pepper spray became a handbag accessory.  People were constantly looking over their shoulders rather than straight ahead. Whilst Merkel and her allies were calling peaceful demonstrators "scum" and actively encouraged people to sneer at "concerned citizens", Cologne NYE happened. You know the facts by now (against the explicit wish of the government who tried to hide, obfuscate and poo-pah those absolutely mind-blowing occurrences.).

The winter was spent raging against the forces that had made all this possible, trying to find answers, discussing it with friends til the early hours, going over possible scenarios,- and starting to think about leaving the country.

Suddenly it had become clear how vulnerable one really was. Things one had never heard ofbefore actually became frightening reality: Somebody can stand behind you on the escalator and burn your hair off with a lighter (happened in Berlin). Mothers carrying babies could be randomly stabbed (also in Berlin).Young women were admonished to dress decently so as not to "tempt migrants". Houses and flats that once seemed safe were broken into as if a window, a door, a fence were nothing - which  is true, they offer very little actual protection. But in the "old Germany" they used to indicate barriers - this is MY territory do not enter without permission. In the new Merkel-created society such barriers are no longer meaningful. If there's something to get hold of, hey....go for it! And don't expect help or even sympathy from German politicians. Victim-blaming is common currency now

Then the really terrible terror attacks happened, not just in Germany but all over Europe. Train journeys became fraught with danger. Innocence, carelessness, normality, sponaneity have all gone. Instead there is a panoply of crude and rather primitive propaganda slogans urging everybody to do more and get with the programme which is inanely called "Wir schaffen das" (We can do this!). Indeed in her most recent interview Merkel, asked about the increase in sexual attacks on women said "I think we as a country can cope with that".

Life in Germany has become dangerous since Merkel's foolhardy decision last September. And of course this year has seen similarly staggering numbers of immigrants, especially from Central Africa. Thank you Merkel!You have managed to change Germany completely and utterly. Life has become difficult, unpleasant and dangerous, all in one year. Well done!