Monday, 14 January 2013

Julie Burchill - a Brutalised Hater and Xenophobe

Intercultural Musings doesn't normally comment on journalistic ongoings. There are so many, and a few weeks later nobody knows what the whole thing was about. But in the case of the unspeakable J. Burchill, I will make an exception. If only to raise my eyebrows that somebody like that can peddle her dirty tricks campaign for so long - and hitherto unchallenged.

It goes wiithout saying that her ramblings about transgendered people are abhorrent and shocking ( I will not quote her awful comments here, look it up if you're interested). One can only hope, she was (as seems quite often to be the case) drunk when she wrote such abysmal, crude, and rude stuff.

What perturbs me slightly, however, is that this horrible woman only gets taken to task now. Her hate-campaign against all sorts of groups has been going on for years. In particular, she writes the most inflammable hate-filled xenophobic stuff. She hates all foreigners, is rude about the French, the Irish, the Americans. She is however particularly disgusting about "the Germans".

You can read her unacceptable, vile and ridiculously badly-written stuff here (if you can stomach it)

That The Guardian decides to publish something like that, makes me wonder about that paper (but not for the first time). Imagine somebody would write a piece like that about black people, about Pakistanis or any other ethnic group. But the Guradian obviously thinks that "The Germans" are fair game. (The Daily Mail of course is the runner-up for Euro-hating and -bashing of any kind.)

Maybe it took that below the belt twaddle about the transgendered community to make the British public wake up to the fact that writing brutalised hate-filled stuff  is absolutely unacceptable, and that xenophobia is as disgusting as homophobia, or the hate-targeting of any group.

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